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Lunchtime Nose Jobs (AKA: Filler Rhinoplasty) in Orange County

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Reshaping noses without surgery

Fillers have been used in dermatology for many years. They have been used to fill in wrinkles and scars, to plump and define lips and to reshape cheeks, chins and other facial areas. Recently fillers have been utilized to reshape and recontour noses. As this treatment can be performed in as little as 10 minutes during your lunch hour, it is often referred to as a "Lunchtime Nose Job." Most people can return to work immediately afterwards.

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The nose is one of the most important structures of the face. Many people are dissatisfied with their noses but hesitate to seek correction due to fear of extensive surgery. Some are born with noses they dislike, others have suffered injuries to their noses causing bumps, asymmetry and other deformities.

Fillers can be used to sculpt a better shaped nose. Of course, they will not help fix an internal problem, such as a deviated septum. Improving the cosmetic appearance of the nose however brings a tremendous degree of satisfaction for both the physician and the patient. I have had patients happily cry in my chair immediately after their filler rhinoplasty treatment when viewing their "new" nose. A nose that may have bothered them for most of their lives and perhaps made them feel self conscious or unattractive is immediately (in just 10 minutes) improved.

Filler Nose Job – Before & After

Before & After Photos
Before & After Photo Gallery

Flat nasal tips can be built up, humps and bumps can be filled in below and above the bump to make the profile completely straight, and crooked noses can be filled in on 1 side to make the nose appear straight.

Cost wise, filler nose jobs are much less expensive than surgical nose jobs. Depending on how much product is needed and which product is chosen, it can cost as little as $350! In my office a typical treatment with Radiesse averages $600. There is also no down time, just the possibility of bruising for a short time.

There are various filler products that can be used: hyaluronic acids like Juvederm and Restylane, Radiesse and Artefill. I usually prefer to start with Radiesse because it lasts longer than hyaluronic acids, sometimes up to 2 years. When they need to have it redone, I suggest Artefill because it is a permanent product.

When checking around, make sure whomever you go to is an artist with fillers. Having an MD degree does not guarantee a good job, especially when working with fillers. The physician you choose should also have an eye for symmetry and balance. Ask to see some of their before and after photos.

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We provide photos of our patients because we think the results speak for themselves. Browse our digital photo gallery of real patients online to discover the possibilities.

Before & After Photo Gallery
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Many people are unaware of this simple, fast treatment. Most of the filler nose jobs I perform were originally suggested by me when my patient was seeing me for something else. It is such an easy, relatively inexpensive procedure for patients to undergo, so spread the word to your friends and family who are unhappy with their noses. You will make them very happy and appreciative by bringing this wonderful procedure to their attention.

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