Ask the Doctor: Top Ultherapy® Questions

Ultherapy Before and AfterUltherapy Before and AfterUltherapy is one of the most exciting treatments I’ve added in recent years to the menu of skin tightening procedures at my Orange County practice. A precise, non-surgical procedure that actually lifts the neck and face and tightens the skin with little to no downtime, Ultherapy lives up to the fanfare that accompanied its clearance by the FDA.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to target and heat the deeper, foundational layers of the skin to promote collagen growth and lift the underlying tissue. It tightens even the troublesome neck skin that is often the first sign of aging for many of my patients, while toning the jaw and cheek areas to enhance their profiles.

As the treatment becomes more and more popular, patients come to OC Dermatology with questions about Ultherapy. I’ve answered some of the most common queries below:

  • What does a treatment feel like?

Each patient’s experience is unique, of course, and some experience discomfort. This is related to the process of stimulating collagen growth by heating the deeper layers of the skin. Some patients request a local anesthetic before the treatment to help minimize any discomfort. Any discomfort a patient feels is limited to the treatment time itself and does not persist afterward.

  • How many Ultherapy treatments are needed?

Most of my patients need only a single treatment to get the results they want, although some schedule a second treatment 6 months later if they think it’s necessary. Touch-up appointments at least every 2 years are a good idea to slow the aging process.

  • When will I see results and how long do they last?

Results following an Ultherapy treatment are sometimes noticeable almost immediately. As collagen growth is stimulated, the treatment’s effects are even more noticeable. Most patients see the full results about 6 months after the treatment. I usually see patients for follow-up Ultherapy treatment about 2 years after the initial procedure.

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