Isolaz® Acne Treatment

isolaz-logoMost of us don’t expect acne to flare up after we reach our 20s. The fact is, however, many people still have acne breakouts well into their adult years. Isolaz is an FDA-approved acne treatment offered in Orange County at OC Dermatology that clears acne and helps prevent it from returning after about 6 treatments. People come to us for acne treatment from Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and throughout Southern California. Request a consultation online, or call (949) 363-1788 to schedule an appointment.


A Nationally Recognized Leader

Dr. Lorrie Klein’s rare combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility puts her at the forefront of dermatologists nationwide. Dr. Klein’s reputation for providing natural-looking results is why she’s the choice of women and men from throughout Southern California and beyond.

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How Does Isolaz® Work?

Isolaz combines broadband light with vacuum suction to target sebaceous glands where acne develops. The vacuum helps loosen and extract blackheads, dirt, and oils that can clog your pores. The painless broadband light helps destroy bacteria and stimulate sloughing of oils and dead skin cells.

Isolaz® Before & After


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Clinical trials showed immediate results within 24 to 48 hours, including reduced redness and immediate drying and smoothing of blemishes. Studies also showed up to 88% of acne lesions cleared following 4 to 6 treatments. Results in most patients last 3 to 12 months or longer.


Real Patients. Real Results.

We provide photos of our patients because we think the results speak for themselves. Browse our digital photo gallery of real patients online to discover the possibilities.

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What Should I Expect?

No preparation is required other than you should not be tan when treated. Sun exposure is allowed, with sunscreen, after your treatment. Treatments may be performed weekly, or up to every 3 weeks. After your treatment, you can return to work or school immediately. There is no down time and the treatment is painless, most often described as the sensation of a warm message. No numbing is required. Possible risks include temporary redness after the procedure. Discolorations are rare and are usually temporary.

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