Great experience with Dr. Klein and staff at OCDermatology! They got me scheduled in a very timely manner, everyone was helpful and friendly, the office environment is clean and pleasant. They are following CDC recommendations during this pandemic and I felt very safe there. Dr. Klein has a great manner and was very informative in her recommendations. She worked with me on budget, while getting the results I was looking for. Less painful and less bruising that I expected. Dr. Klein is a skillful and knowledgeable clinician. I will be following up for “maintenance.”

Linda O. – July 10th, 2020

Janet!!! She listened to what I wanted and actually did exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve tried soooo many different places and am often disappointed. I found my place!

Jen B. – July 11th, 2020

“the measures in keeping her patients safe are above and beyond”

I know with Covid19 running rampant people are hesitant about going to doctor offices. May I assure you, I visited Dr Klein’s office the other day and the measures in keeping her patients safe are above and beyond…from open door entry, sign in at the door with a pen that is disinfected it starts there. If they aren’t ready for you you can wait in your car or they have one available lobby seat. The others are blocked off to keep distance. After your procedure they come in to give you touchless check out. Then you exit through the side door in lieu of the front. Note: you must wear a mask. As usual the whole office is a class act and concerned about keeping you safe in these uncertain times.

Loree C. – June 25th, 2020

“It’s only been 4 days and my face looks amazing”
I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the results of the botox I got in your office this week. It’s only been 4 days and my face looks amazing. I was so scared to have it done and you were all wonderful. I look at least 8-10 years younger and Dr. klein was amazing. I will be back for years to come. What a miracle. I look so refreshed and natural which is what I wanted to look like me only better. Thank you Dr. Klein.

Julie H.

“I was blown away by Dr. Klein”
I have had Botox over the years by several doctors and thought they were all the same (very happy with each of them). I was blown away by Dr. Klein, her needles were so small I could barely feel it and her placement on my face produced the best results I have seen. She is quite honest and does not need or try to “hard sell” you anything you do not need or want. If you can swing the Botox club, then her pricing is quite competitive and you pay no more for going to the best. Thank you Dr. Klein :o) Can’t wait to see you next week for my appt!!!

Stephanie J.

“This is by far the best experience with Botox”
I’ve been getting botox for 4 years now and had my first visit with Dr. Klein’s office in July. All I have to say is that this is by far the best experience with Botox I have ever had. The product is the best of the best, the visit couldn’t have been quicker (so nice especially when you have a little one waiting) and what a steady hand, the treatment areas had no bruising! Thanks for a great job! Will be seeing you for the next touch up! Thanks again


“I really like the results from the Botox”
I just wanted to let you know that I really like the results from the Botox treatment you gave me recently. The little extra shot below my eyebrow has made my eyebrows much more symmetrical. Thank you very much!

Vicki B.

“My eyelashes grew out long and voluminous”
I LOVE this product (Latisse). My eyelashes grew out long and voluminous. Who needs eyelash extensions when you can wear your very own lush lashes. Recommend to everyone!!! I am so excited the FDA extended approval on this fabulous product.

Crystal C.

“Staff is great”
Visiting Dr. Klein’s office is so nice. The staff is great and Dr. Klein is always ready to help.

Stacy B.

“I no longer had to hide the scar with a cover-up.”
I came across Euro Day Spa as an accident when I had a skin biopsy done on my cheek by a doctor at Kaiser. It turned out to be negative but I was left with asignificant scar where my prior sun spot used to be. Dr. Klein zapped me a few times with nitrogen and my scar/dark area disappeared. I no longer had to hide that area with cover-up.

I was so impressed I started visiting her on occasion for Botox injections under my eyes. My hereditary laugh lines disappear thanks to her. I then ventured in to visit Barbara (Dr. Klein’s nurse) to have my face fraxeled to improve the appearance of sunspots and treat my overall skin damage that resulted from years of sun worshiping. My skin under my eyes tightened up and I no longer looked tired. Not to mention, my sun spots were zapped away. It was a long process but well worth it at the end. The office and staff was so nice each and every visit and were compassionate when I had an allergic reaction to the numbing cream. I have since had some IPL sessions done to my chest (again, more sun damage) and it has made my skin appear healthy once again.

I look to Dr. Klein and her office for recommendations on skin care as well. I did Obagi for a year and was very impressed with the results and am now currently using Vivite. I love it as well.

So that’s my story. :-) I started out with one tiny spot and now I go to Euro Day Spa for any skin needs that come up. Anytime someone has a skin issue, I tell them about Dr. Klein. I’m so glad I called years ago. :-)

Michelle P. 9/08

“My eyelashes grew so long”
I’ve been using Lumigan since March, and wow, what a difference. I was very skeptical, but decided to give it a try. By the end of three months, my eyelashes grew so long, strangers were asking me if I had fake lashes. I’m Asian, and as you know, people of my decent do not have long or thick lashes at all. Now I’m on a maintenance regimen, and I’ll have my beautiful lashes forever. Thank you.

Jana 9/08

“What I would like for Mother’s Day”

My daughter (one of your patients as are we) asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day and I recalled that my lashes used to be longer and thicker when I was young and she had been telling me about your Lumigan. So that’s what I asked her for from your office. By the end of July they were thick and long. I love it and I’m on my third bottle. What was left on the brush I just brushed over my brows once in a while since they were looking a little thin. They are a little thicker as well.

Thank you so much.
Bonnie W. 9/08

“On my first consult I was NERVOUS!”
I tell everyone about Dr. Klein. Worried about what is best for you to get the results you want? I was both of these, Dr. Klein is not like most doctors. She is sweet, sensitive and knowledgeable with a proven resume. On my first consult I was NERVOUS! Not only did she calm my fears but, by the time I left was excited about what I had to look forward to.

I am not ashamed to say use her exclusively for my botox. She can work wonders with just a little bit so you look natural and rested. You may see ads for a little cheaper but they either add more saline or the person doing the procedure has to use more since they’re not as polished as Dr. Klein with their results.

I am now 44 Most people think I am in my early 30’s. What a gift I can’t wait to see what she will do with fillers when the time comes. Don’t trust anyone with your beauty go to the best Dr. Klein.

Linda Sperling 9/08

“…Botox is now helping with TMJ sufferers”
For several years I have tried everything to get relief from my TMJ, including an expensive night-guard from my dentist. Approximately six months ago, I saw Dr. Klein for an injection of Botox in my forehead. She casually mentioned how Botox is now helping with TMJ sufferers. Loving the relief Botox already gave me for headaches, I thought I would give my jaws a chance for that same relief. I no longer have tight jaws when I awake nor the clicking sound when I eat. I am a very satisfied and pain-free customer.

Janeen H. 9/08

“I want to thank Dr. Klein for giving me my self-esteem back!”

I first went to Dr. Klein in 1993 with severe acne and scarring. She cleared up my acne and smoothed my scars with a combination of medication and laser treatments. Today, there is virtually no evidence that I ever had acne. I still visit Dr. Klein today for anti-aging treatments and the occasional minor breakout. She is a true artist with fillers and the results are always very natural. I also considered a rhinoplasty due to an uneven area on my nose. Dr. Klein smoothed the irregularity with no down-time for a small fraction of a rhinoplasty. I have never gone to Dr. Klein with a skin concern that she could not fix. She is truly an amazing dermatologist! I regularly refer friends and aquaintences and they agree.

Sharon K






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