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Relaxation of Facial Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX® and Jeuveau® Treatments
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What is BOTOX?

Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA), when used appropriately, is one of the safest and most effective treatments for relaxation of facial lines and wrinkles. When injected into certain facial muscles it relaxes these muscles, thus smoothing out wrinkles. This relaxation typically lasts 3-6 months. Dr. Klein believes in customizing each patient’s treatment. Your Botox treatment will be individually designed specifically for you.

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Dr. Klein is a National Botox Trainer for Allergan, has been ranked the top Botox injector among all dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Orange County and San Diego County and is a Black Diamond level aesthetic partner with Allergan, representing the top 50 physicians in the U.S. using Botox, Juvederm, Voluma and Latisse. As of 2013 Dr. Klein and her staff have treated thousands of patients with over 2 million units of Botox.

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BOTOX: 1 Million Units and Counting

One of the first physicians to offer BOTOX® Cosmetic in Orange County, Dr. Lorrie Klein recently marked the milestone of having dispensed more than 1 million units of the popular injectable. As an Allergan Black Diamond level injector, she ranks among the top 1% of BOTOX injectors in the U.S.

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Areas treated with BOTOX:

  • Creases between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Brow lift
  • Neck- vertical bands/cords
  • Corners of mouth
  • Dimpled chin
  • Gummy Smile
  • Lips
  • TMJ – can relieve pain and reduce jaw clenching and teeth grinding
  • Slimming of protruding jawline – 2 treatments, 6 months apart are recommended
  • Nefertiti Lift – to define a sagging jawline
  • Botox for sweating – Underarms, face and scalp

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BOTOX® Cosmetic Before & After

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Side effects of BOTOX

There is a relatively low incidence of BOTOX side effects, all of which are temporary. These include:

  • Lid Ptosis (drooping of the eyelid.) The incidence of this, although 3-10% in studies, has been less than 1 per 5,000 treatments in our office. If it occurs, it typically resolves by 4 weeks.
  • Brow Ptosis (lowering of the eyebrow.) This can occasionally occur after forehead treatments in patients who normally have low-set brows and unknowingly use their forehead muscles to hold up their brows. If this has ever occurred, let us know and we can customize your treatment so that it can be avoided in the future.
  • Bruising can occasionally occur at an injection site.
  • A headache can rarely occur, usually due to a muscle spasm from the injection, not the Botox. It may last for 2-3 hours, rarely for several days. Tylenol or Advil can be taken after your treatment if this occurs.

Post-treatment Instructions

  • Avoid rubbing the area for 4 hours after your treatment.
  • Botox results appear between 2-14 days after treatment. Until we know your “perfect” dose, more Botox may be needed several weeks after treatment for optimal results. Wait 2 weeks before returning for a touch-up.

Less bruising with Accuvein- we are one of the few offices in the U.S. to utilize this infrared technology to locate and avoid veins around eyes and on foreheads. This helps reduce the risk of bruising. Available upon request and for patients with a history of bruising from Botox.

Dr. Lorrie Klein, M.D. lectures on the Empowerment of Women Through Beauty through the 20th century

BOTOX Patient Reviews

I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the results of the botox I got in our office this week. It’s only been 4 days and my face looks amazing. I was so scared to have it done and you were all wonderful. I look at least 8-10 years younger and Dr. Klein was amazing. I will be back for years to come. What a miracle. I look so refreshed and natural which is what I wanted to I look like me only better. Thank you Dr. Klein.

Julie H.

I have had BOTOX over the years by several doctors and thought they were all the same (very happy with each of them). I was blown away by Dr. Klein ~her needles were so small I could barely feel it and her placement on my face produced the best results I have seen. She is quite honest and does not need or try to “hard sell” you anything you do not need or want. If you can swing the BOTOX club, then her pricing is quite competitive and you pay no more for going to the best. Thank you Dr. Klein :-) Can’t wait to see you next week for my appt!!!

Stephanie J.

I’ve been getting botox for 4 years now and had my first visit with Dr. Klein’s office in July. All I have to say is that this is by far the best experience with BOTOX I have ever had. The product is the best of the best, the visit couldn’t have been quicker (so nice especially when you have a little one waiting) and what a steady hand, the treatment areas had no bruising! Thanks for a great job! Will be seeing you for the next touch up! Thanks again!


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How much does BOTOX cost?

Fees are based on the amount of Botox used and are customized for each patient. This is determined by the location of the wrinkles, strength of the muscles, and your previous results with Botox. We will always inform you of the fees before beginning any treatment and can adjust treatments based on your preferences.

For small treatments and fixing treatments performed at other clinics- $150 minimum. Touch-up fees are charged per unit and usually range from $70 – $140 per area

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Botox info 4-1-15

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