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It’s no fun to get older. Your body and face change. As your face ages several things happen: your expression lines get deeper, the fat underlying your skin thins and the skin itself becomes thinner, changes color and loses its softness and radiance. Pulling and stretching the skin is no longer seen as the best way to restore the youthful look of your face. Instead OC Dermatology and Euro Day Spa in Laguna Niguel offer skin care options that restore the youthful look that age has taken away – without surgery. From Newport Beach and Dana Point on the coast to Irvine and Lake Forest inland, OC Dermatology and its founder, Dr. Lorrie Klein, serve women and men who are conscientious about the appearance and health of their skin. Please request a consultation online, or call OC Dermatology at (949) 363-1788 to schedule an appointment.


A Nationally Recognized Leader

Dr. Lorrie Klein’s rare combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility puts her at the forefront of dermatologists nationwide. Dr. Klein’s reputation for providing natural-looking results is why she’s the choice of women and men from throughout Southern California and beyond.

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Dr. Klein’s 3-Dimensional Approach to Looking Younger

Dr. Klein developed a philosophy of 3-D Rejuvenation because:

  • When frown lines, crow’s-feet, lip lines and other expression lines become permanent due to years of muscle contractions, relaxing these muscles restores youthful smoothness.
  • When fat is gradually lost through natural aging, the skin sags and lips disappear and lose their defined edges because the underlying support is no longer there. The common sense solution is plumping the skin.
  • When skin becomes wrinkled, discolored, coarse, and dull due to sun damage and loss of collagen, resurfacing the skin and stimulating collagen production will reverse these negative changes.

3 Problems + 3 Solutions = 3-D Rejuvenation

We are all busy these days. We all want to look better, but we don’t want to interrupt our busy schedules to take care of ourselves. Combining procedures that reverse different signs of aging creates a more natural, younger look. Combining procedures that require little or no downtime is popular, effective, and usually safer.

Relaxing facial muscles

BOTOX ® is the king of easy, fast facial rejuvenation. For many people, it is their first cosmetic treatment because it’s safe, almost painless and only takes a 10-minute office visit (when performed by an experienced cosmetically-trained specialist). BOTOX relaxes crow’s feet, forehead furrows and frown lines. Some experienced injectors like Dr. Klein can also lift brows and the corners of the mouth, smooth out lip lines and relax vertical neck cords. Dr. Klein is a BOTOX National Education Faculty member and one of the top injectors in the U.S.

Plumping wrinkles, depressions, shadows and scars Filler injections in and below the skin push up skin that is sagging due to skin thinning underlying fat loss. You can restore volume to smile lines and lip lines at the mouth’s corners, shadows, and lines below the mouth. Lips can also be enhanced. Even cheeks can be plumped up to look younger with Juvederm‚ ® Voluma XC, the first and only filler approved by the FDA for use in the cheeks.

Juvederm ® Voluma® and Restylane ®,  are the most popular fillers available today. These fillers last between 4 and 24 months, depending on the type of filler, where it is injected, and the skill of the injector. Dr. Klein trains other physicians in the proper use of Voluma for cheek enhancement and mid-face rejuvenation.

Smoothing wrinkles and texture and improving color and luminosity These days we have several options for minimal or no-downtime rejuvenation of the skin.

Fraxel Laser is the most powerful of these. This laser will improve wrinkles, discolorations, scars, texture and give skin back its youthful glow. It also stimulates your own skin to produce more collagen.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light/Photo-Facial) will improve brown and red discolorations and texture but will not improve wrinkles or scars. This may be more suitable for younger patients without wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, and chemical peels are gentler, but less rejuvenating alternatives to lasers and IPL. Consider these when a less expensive or milder treatment is preferred.

Real Patients. Real Results.

We provide photos of our patients because we think the results speak for themselves. Browse our digital photo gallery of real patients online to discover the possibilities. Before & After Photo Gallery

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Packaging 3-D Treatments Together

We offer anti-aging programs and various cosmetic packages which include BOTOX, fillers, Fraxel or IPL to give our patients the best value when combining these procedures. Our Cosmetic Clubs offer the ultimate value.

Ask our staff for informational handouts on any of these procedures.

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