What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy Laguna Niguel CA | Skin Tightening Orange County Ultherapy is an excellent choice for women and men who want a non-invasive, skin tightening treatment. At her office in Laguna Niguel, in Orange County, Dr. Lorrie Klein offers Ultherapy. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for lifting skin on the decolletage, neck, jawline, and brow.

Treatments such as Thermage, Pelleve®, and Exilis use radiofrequency energy, which tightens only the upper layers of skin. Most patients want treatment for the full face, including a brow lift and jawline tightening, although some men and women also want to tighten neck muscles and the upper chest, or decolletage. In this case, Ultherapy could be the right skin tightening treatment for you.

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Dr. Lorrie Klein’s rare combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility puts her at the forefront of dermatologists nationwide. Dr. Klein’s reputation for providing natural-looking results is why she’s the choice of women and men from throughout Southern California and beyond.

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Before the Ultherapy treatment

You should arrive without makeup and we recommend patients take a low-dose pain pill prior to their treatment. An advanced treatment called Utherapy Amplify produces comparable results at lower energy levels, making the procedure more comfortable. Any pain experienced by patients is the result of ultrasound energy prompting the regeneration of collagen.


What to expect during Ultherapy treatment

Like other ultrasound procedures, a smooth applicator is placed on the top of your skin. Ultherapy produces heat below the surface of your skin to gradually create new collagen and tighten the same deep tissue that surgeons address in surgical facelifts. Patients in Orange County who have tried Thermage® are surprised to learn that Ultherapy provides results that are more dramatic and last longer because it tightens the skin’s deep layers. Most treatments last between 30 and 90 minutes.

Before and After

Before and After Ultherapy Laguna Niguel | Skin Tightening

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There may be slight redness for up to 2 hours and slight swelling for 1 or 2 days. Bruising, tingling or tenderness to touch is rare and usually mild. Immediately after treatment, patients can return to work and resume normal activities. Make-up can also be resumed immediately after treatment. You will see some tightening immediately after your treatment but the full effects are seen between 3 and 6 months after your treatment.

Will I need more than one Ultherapy treatment?

Ultherapy requires only a single treatment, but some patients want a second treatment after 6 months. The aging process continues, of course, so we recommend maintenance treatments at least every 2 years. Any skin type (fair, dark, or olive) can be safely treated. While we do not recommend ever getting a tan, it will not affect your treatment, before or afterwards. Ultherapy has an excellent safety profile, it is FDA approved, and over 100,000 treatments have been performed worldwide.

Can Ultherapy be combined with other treatments?

Absolutely, Ultherapy may be combined, even on the same day with a variety of treatments, including:

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If you are interested in a skin tightening anti-aging treatments and live in Orange County communities such as Newport Beach or Mission Viejo, Ultherapy is a facelift alternative that requires no downtime. Please request a consultation with Dr. Klein to find out more. You can also call OC Dermatology at (949) 363-1788 to schedule an appointment.

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