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What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment performed by a spa or medical professional in which a chemical solution is used to help remove dead skin and improve smoothness and texture.

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Dr. Lorrie Klein’s rare combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility puts her at the forefront of dermatologists nationwide. Dr. Klein’s reputation for providing natural-looking results is why she’s the choice of women and men from throughout Southern California and beyond.

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What Skin Conditions Can These Peels Treat?

Peels can treat sun damage, brown spots and patches, fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring.

What do I do after my peels?

Make sure you do not get tan or sunburned for at least 6 weeks after any peel or laser treatment. Wear a sunscreen of at least an SFP 30 and a hat when outside. No special care is otherwise required but you will receive complimentary Skin Medica products to use after each peel.


Real Patients. Real Results.

We provide photos of our patients because we think the results speak for themselves. Browse our digital photo gallery of real patients online to discover the possibilities.

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Which Peel is Right for Me?

Rejuvenize Peel is our strongest SkinMedica peel.

  • Appropriate for moderate to severe skin imperfections.
  • Smooths the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness.
  • Safe for all skin types but best for light-to-medium skin tones.
  • 3-6 peels are recommended every 3-4 weeks for best results.
  • Peeling and redness may last 7-14 days.
  • Active ingredients: Salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol and retinol (highest concentration).

These peels are performed by our Registered Nurses at OC Dermatology. Call (949) 363-1788 to schedule.

Vitalize Peel is the #1 peel sold in the USA and the top seller among all SkinMedica peels.

  • Appropriate for mild to moderate skin imperfections.
  • Improves melasma, brown spots, fine lines and acne scars.
  • Safe for all skin types, including darker skin types for which laser treatments may not be recommended.
  • 3-6 peels are recommended, every 3-4 weeks for best results.
  • Light peeling lasts approximately 7 days. There is minimal-to-no redness.
  • Great for maintenance treatment after IPL (Photofacials) and Fraxel Laser treatments.
  • Active ingredients: Salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol and retinol.

These peels are performed by our estheticians at Euro Day Spa. Call 949-495-4500 to schedule.

Illuminize Peel is a light, “pre-party” peel.

  • Recommended for immediate improvement of texture and tone.
  • No visible peeling or down time, you can go right out afterwards and your skin will be glowing!
  • Safe for all skin types.
  • Have one whenever a glow is desired, as frequently as every 2 weeks.
  • Active ingredients: Salicylic, mandelic, malic and phytic acids and resorcinol

These peels are performed by our estheticians at Euro Day Spa. Call 949-495-4500 to schedule.

Progressive Peel Package: Package of 1 Vitalize Peel followed by 2 Rejuvenize Peels

We also strongly recommend combining these peels with the SkinMedica Lytera System at home when treating melasma and brown pigmentation and with SkinMedica Essential Serum for optimal rejuvenation.

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