Longer Eyelashes

Lumigan for Eyelash Growth

Fox News11 recently interviewed Dr. Lorrie Klein about her use of the drug Lumigan to promote eyelash growth. Lumigan typically is used to treat Glaucoma, however Dr. Klein was one of the first to discover that it had an amazing effect on the growth of eyelashes. Dr. Klein shared with Allergan, the maker of Lumigan, the success that her patients have enjoyed with eyelash growth and is of the opinion that “Lumigan is one of this years coolest products!”

Dr. Klein is not the only one that realized the drugs effect as other companies like Revitalash and Jan Marini have been manufacturing “over the counter” products that they call eyelash conditioners. Last fall however, under pressure from the FDA these manufacturers were compelled to disclose their formulas which included a drug called Bimatoprost which is the generic name for Lumigan. To avoid further FDA scrutiny both manufacturers changed formulas last year to make them less similiar to Lumigan. That did not however stop Allergan, the maker of Lumigan, from filing a patent infringment lawsuit.

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