Teoxane Skincare

Cosmetic Networks host Sheila Maitlen interviews Laguna Niguel Dermatologist, Dr. Lorrie Klein on Cosmetic Networks Live Web Show.

Sheila Maitlen: What is Teoxane skincare?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: Teoxanen is a very interesting company from Switzerland. They make fillers in Europe such as Juvederm type fillers, but they also have a skincare line that’s been brought to the US recently called Teoxane. And the interesting thing is that they use pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid molecules in their skincare products which is what they put in their fillers.

Sheila Maitlen: Now, can you only get Teoxane from physicians?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: You can only get Teoxane from physicians and they also have to be Alpheon physicians.

Sheila Maitlen: Dr. Klein, how is Teoxane different than the other skincare products available on the market today?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: Well, Teoxane is the only skincare product I’m aware of that has a pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid molecule in it.

Sheila Maitlen: What is the main ingredient in Teoxane?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: The main ingredient in Teoxane is hyaluronic molecules. These molecules act like sponges and draw moisture into the skin. All of the other moisturizers just sort of sit on top of the skin and coat it, preventing moisture loss. These hyaluronic molecules actually draw moisture into the skin and hold it all day long.

Sheila Maitlen: Now, is this hyaluronic molecule in all of the individual products of the Teoxane line?

Dr. Lorrie Klein: Yes, the hyaluronic molecule is in all Teoxane products.


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